"Rematriation: Ts’msyen Law, Rights of Relationality, and Protocols of Return" (2022) (pdf)

"Repatriation and Decolonization: Thoughts on Ownership, Access and Control" (2018) (pdf)

PhD Dissertation "Ts'msyen Revolution: The Poetics and Politics of Reclaiming" (2015) (pdf)

Repatriating Indigenous Cultural Heritage: What’s Reconciliation Got to Do with It?” (IPinCH Blog, 2014)

Appropriation (?) of the Month: First Nations Totem Poles” (IPinCH Blog, 2013)

"The Transformative Power of Youth Action Coalition's Multimodal Arts-for-Change Programming" (2013) (pdf)

"Visualizing Pedagogy and Power with Urban Native Youth: Exposing the Legacy of the Indian Residential School System" (2011) (pdf)